Swim Meet Information

The following information has been put together in hope that you, as a parent, will breathe easier, understand more, therefore enjoy participating and contributing to an effectively run club.

The Whitecourt Blue Dolphins are in Region B. We compete at invitational swim meets on weekends throughout the season against clubs in the the same region.

Invitations are received by our club to attend and swimmers names and events must be forwarded to the host club by a specified date.

Swimmers or parents MUST notify the Coach or Assistant Coaches if they are attending an upcoming meet by signing up on the meet sheet located in the viewing area of the upper deck. Coaches need time to prepare swimmers for events and utilize those who are attending to form relay teams.

Please notify Coaches if your child has to miss a meet at least 48 hours in advance. Note that the Scratch Fine of $1.00 per event per swimmer may be levied, payable to our club.

A swim meet is a competition where swimmers race against others of the same gender and age group in individual events and team relay events.

A meet is held in the hosting club's town and is scheduled in the order of events that the host club chooses, adding or eliminating events depending on time constraints.

Swim meets always start with an early morning warm-up on the meet day. It is very important for swimmers to be on time for stretching and warm-up so they are prepared and have time to get a feel for the pool, blocks, stroke flags, etc.

Each club sits in a designated area of the pool deck. Swimmer should remain in the area so they are ready for their upcoming swims. Games, books, etc. are recommended so the swimmers have some activities to pass time as they wait. Parents must sit in the spectator area and there will be ONE parent designated to the swimmers as the parent monitor. Swimmers must report to the area upend arriving at the pool to let the coaches know they have arrived.

During the course of a meet a series of events takes place. Swimmers are called (marshalled) to the Clerk of Course desk in the marshalling area by their gender/age group and event. Youngest swimmers are first in each event.

Two types of seeding are utilized: wave seeding being the most commonly used.

Seeding means the swimmers are categorized to race against other swimmers of approximately the same speed. Slowest swimming times enter Heat 1 then continue 2-3 as the swimmer's times become faster.

A heat usually consists of 3 or more swimmers with the maximum being the number of lanes in the pool.

Heat sheets can be purchased from the hosting club to indicate placing of swimmers and to act as a program for the clubs.

Lane assignment is based on entry times as well, with the fastest times taking the inside lanes then continuing outwards.

Swimmers move up a bench as the race progresses, until they are the next to swim. At this time they walk behind the starting blocks (diving platform) area of their lane. At this time the swimmer should be prepared with swim cap and goggles in place.

Swimmers then move to the floor directly behind their block to await the Referee's command of "Mount your block" or a whistle sounding with an upward motion of the Ref's hand.

Swimmers rise onto the block standing on the back portion. The Ref will then blow a whistle and point to the Starter. The Starter will then give the command of, "Swimmers Take Your Marks" at which time the swimmer moves to the front of the block holding a start (dive) position until a starting pistol fires or an electronic starting beep signals the start of the race.

Swimmers MUST hold this stationary position until the start begins. Leaning forward or jumping the gun is considered a False Start and means the swimmer will be DISQUALIFIED.

Timing stops widen the swimmer completes the distance of the event, touch ing the wall or edge of the pool. Appropriate touches and turn MUST be used by the swimmer to correspond with the stroke as well as proper kick and pull to avoid disqualification by the Stroke and Turn Judges.

Swimmers remain in the water pulled close to the edge, and off to one side, while the next race starts in all except the 25m and backstroke events. Swimmers may at this time qualify for an "I Beat My Time" ribbon and could sake the timers for their unofficial race time to tell their coach.

Computer results are posted listing the competitors overall placing in each event. Results are also posted after the swim meet on the ASSA website.

Lunch breaks vary according to the progress of the meet. It is very important that swimmers eat a light, non-greasy meal on meet days. Providing small snacks such as fruit, yogurt, etc to eat between races is find providing the swimmer does not overindulge.

Officials, Timers, and other meet volunteers wear white bottoms and navy tops at meets to be seen on deck. Parents and other swimmers should not be near the poolside so as not to interfere with their duties.

It is vital to have parent participation for timing and other events held by the club to obtain the goals and aspirations that the Team Motto dictates.

  • Together Everyone Achieves More

Notice for Outdoor Meet:

Stony Plain and Devon have outdoor pools. Tarps, umbrellas, small tents, extra towels, blankets, spare warm clothing and socks will be required if the weather brings RAIN. Sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, extra nutritious drinks are required if the weather is HOT and SUNNY.

For any meet it is advisable to bring lawn chairs. WELL LABELED towels, blankets and clothing. Lock for change room lockers, money for lockers or a sports bag to keep possessions safe in team area. Please DO NOT wear valuable jewelry.