• Strive to have fun.
  • Practice the Fair Play Philosophy.
  • Try to improve individual swimming ability and performance.
  • To attend and be on time for scheduled practices and swim meet competitions.
  • To practice good dietary habits.
  • Participate as a team member in swim meet competitions.
  • Seek assistance of coaching staff for theory and technical swimming advice.
  • To find out details of swim meets and notify the Head Coach or Assistant Coaches as to the swim meets they wish to attend by the posted deadlines.
  • Each swimmer is encouraged to purchase and wear pair of swim goggles.
  • Each swimmer is expected to label their belongings.
  • This is a swim club that helps each swimmer with their own level of commitment.
  • No swimmer is obligated to attend all swim meets, but is encouraged to attend as many as possible.
  • No swimmers are obligated to attend all practices, but are encouraged to attend as many as possible.

  • To keep informed of all swim club activities by reading newsletters and checking the communication board at the swimming pool.
  • To participate in swim club activities, work at swim meet competitions. contribute towards fund-raising efforts and at least one parent must complete Level 1 Official Clinic.
  • To meet any other swim club obligations as deemed necessary by the Executive.
  • To encourage their children to participate in all swim club activities, i.e., practices, fund-raising. swim meet competitions, and to reinforce the rules and philosophies of the Club.
  • To allow the coaches to do the coaching - comments are welcome, but after the practice or meets and only through the Coach Liaison. This must be done by written request and after a 48 hours waiting period.
  • All scratches must be in 48 hours prior to all swim meet competitions. Failure to do so may result in an automatic fine of $1.00 per event per swimmer. The Executive reserves the right to waive this penalty in the case of an emergency.
  • To notify the Coach or Assistant Coaches if your child has to be scratched from a meet at least 48 hours in advance.


  1. Positive behaviour and conduct are expected of all swimmers.
  2. Pushing or throwing anyone in the pool at a practice or a meet is a serious offence and will be dealt with by the coaches.
  3. Coaches will send swimmers to the showers if they are off task or not training as per the Coaches' instructions.
  4. Swimmers are responsible for making sure they are adequately prepared prior to practice and at swim competitions.
  5. All swimmers will obey all reasonable instructions from any coach and any pool staff members.
  6. Swimmers‘ complaints or questions may be taken up with the Head Coach or Executive.
  7. Swimmers are responsible for being on deck 10 minutes before their event at a swim meet competition.
  8. Swimmers are responsible for deck tidiness and looking after their own belongings. (This is a must!!)
  9. Automatic suspension from practice or meet for the following offences: physical harm, swearing, disobeying, throwing items, stealing, damaging pool or personal property, habitual disruption of practice or meets , disrespect of others.
  10. Swimmers, Coaches and Parents are subject to the rules and regulations of the facilities in which practices and swim meet competitions are held.
  11. Parents are asked to remain in the spectator area during practices or swim meet competitions unless requested to be "on deck" by the coaching staff, or unless working "on deck" as a timer or an official.
  12. If a swimmer misses a relay and causes the team to be scratched, they may not be selected for further relay teams
  13. All swimmers are eligible to swim on relay teams at the Head Coaches discretion. An attempt will be made to include all swimmers equally during the first of the season. The Coaches will choose the relay teams for the final relays of the season based on each swimmers competitive ability.
  14. The Executive reserves the right to render further disciplinary action for severe or repeated violation (i,e., withdrawal of membership privileges).