Rogue Racing Swim Clinic

The Blue Dolphins invited Coach Clint from Rogue Racing to our pool for a two day swim clinic May 16 & 17, 2019. Swimmers learned new skills in backstroke, freestyle, and some butterfly and breaststroke too.

Our swimmers especially enjoyed Coach Clint’s 5,5,5,5 warm up drills that had a lot of focus on jumping, diving and dolphin kick.

Each day had two pool sessions with a break between sessions for classroom and lunch.

The timing of the clinic was very early in our season, as we start May 1 each year. Coaches Alice and Roxanne attended each day so we could bring some new and creative ideas to our training plan for the 2019 swim season.

After the two days, which fell during school PD days, our swimmers were tired, but inspired. They all felt that they had improved their swimming in some way and had fun during the sessions.

Thanks Coach Clint for a fun swim clinic!